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Root Canal Therapy in Texas City

Texas City Root canal dentist

Today’s root canals are nothing to fear!

Root canal therapy is the treatment for the infected pulp of a tooth. The pulp contains blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue, and aids in the growth of the root of your tooth as it develops.

The nerves of your teeth can become damaged in various ways. Some of the reasons for that damage may be caused by:

  • decay
  • cracked teeth
  • simply with no explanation at all

When this happens, you may be a good candidate for Texas City root canal therapy. We’ll remove the damaged nerve on a simple visit that’s just like having a filling or any other routine procedure done, and can then fit you for a crown, if desired.

Root Canal Specialist at The Wright Dentist

Dr. John Gee has performed thousands of root canal therapies and is here to make sure your care is brief and painless. You’ll come in and be numbed for the procedure, and your recovery period will be brief. We have a high success rate that ensures you’ll forget it was ever done, and your tooth will function just like any other.

Root canal therapy can take approximately one and a half to two hours. Be sure to set this time aside for your appointment so you can be relaxed and comfortable while we help you get the relief you need.

Call today to find out more about our affordable options for painless root canal therapy.

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